Spring Has Sprung

cherry-blossomSpring is the season of letting go and starting fresh. There is nothing more therapeutic than cleaning out your closet; out with the old, in with the new. After all is said and done, you step back to admire all of your hard work and you can’t help but get a sense that you are renewed as well. We here at Retail Therapy hope you give yourself a moment to recognize this. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, smell the scent of flowers drift in the air, and know that as the seasons change, so do you. As the flowers bloom, so do you. Allow yourself to be open to the endless possibilities and new adventures summer may bring. We can think of no better way to prepare than to have a few fresh frocks and fun new outfits.

Let’s face it- we’ve all said it. The ultimate excuse, the never-ending clothes-but-no-clothes-crisis,IMG_1216 and the cry heard ’round the world: “I have nothing to wear”. Out of all of the things that could hold you back from enjoying these warm days, your clothes should not be one of them. You’re much more likely to say “yes” to any spontaneous invitations if you have something you are excited about wearing. A sundress could be like your knight in shinning armor, twirling with you out the door, and saving you from hiding away in your home watching Netflix all day. This floral beauty can be thrown on at the spur of the moment with a messy top-knot, some Wayfarers, and some broken-in sandals for a quick, flirty look. The only accessories you’d need are a great tan and a cross-body to throw everything in at the last moment. Or, give yourself some more time, put some curls in that mane of yours, step into some strappy wedges and finish it off with a ladylike purse (like this amazing Lush Leather cutie we’re donning here) and you’re ready to go for a brunch date in the sun or even a bridal shower.

IMG_1198Speaking of bridal showers- wedding season is definitely starting, isn’t it? Well, lucky for you, you can wear white to a bridal shower, and even luckier for you, we’ve got the most darling white dress ever. This Catherine Malandrino sheath dress is as soft as it is sweet, and could be worn with any sort of bright colors, or toughened up a bit with black accessories. Maybe even cinch it at the waist with a belt for some contrast.

And for the ultimate Spring awakening outfit to lead you right intoIMG_1194 the summer months, try this shorts-cami combo. With a fresh bouquet of exotic flowers and a light as cherry blossoms tank to match, this look is girly, fun, and easy to wear to the park or the beach. Pair it with flats or heels; cover up with a biker jacket or a chunky cardigan; carry a clutch at night or a boho bucket bag for day. You won’t be able to help but stop and smell the roses in this getup!

So, when you start clearing out your closet and need some ideas for fresh fashion, breeze by 2086 Chestnut for some refreshing Retail Therapy!



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