Black, White, and Lace All Over

Lace is a trend that comes back reinvented every season, so it’s no wonder that we’re loving it in all its varieties here at Retail Therapy. And anyway, what isn’t better than slipping into something that is so purposely perforated and light that it is basically designed to be easy and breezy in the warmer weather? Check out a few of our favorite pieces here, and then RUSH intoIMG_0912 the store to pick these, and other lacey stunners, up before it’s too late!

When one thinks of lace, she automatically pictures a white, frilly fabric, right? Well, though this first piece is the traditional white, it is anything but frilly or old fashioned! In a modern, sweatshirt shape with a sporty crew neck and IMG_0910_2elasticized wrists and waist (yes, like a sweatshirt), it can easily be worn as a casual top with boyfriend jeans or some joggers. But, we’ve decided to put a more romantic spin on it. Pair this lacey, racey top with a silky maxi skirt for an evening look that’s both romantic and relaxed. This would be perfect for dinner outside under the stars with someone special (like your equally fabulous biffle, of course).

This next outfit is great because IMG_0924not only is it black lace, but we also get to use our favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim muscle tank (which let’s be honest, any occasion to rock this top is a good one). Full skirts in every length and fabric are a huge trend for the Spring, which makes this lovely lady just perfect. In a unique design that IMG_0914_2reveals a little extra leg with a lining that’s a couple inches shorter than the lace hem, this black beauty will have anyone feeling like a class act. Pair it with a funky top (like we’ve done) and some sky-high pumps, and you’re good to go for work or classy cocktails a la Sex and the City. Cheers!

Now, we here at Retail Therapy are equal opportunity fashion IMG_0932_2lovers, and we want all of our pieces to get the attention they deserve. This LBD hasn’t gotten the attention it’s deserves, being on the sale rack and all (um, yes, it’s on the sale rack. RUN here now). Shall we compare thee to a full-body photoshop session? Perhaps. This cocktail dress wraps the body in a stretchy, comfortable fabric that creates curves where there were none, and hides any IMG_0935_2imperfections like a beautiful, full body Spanx. But, that is not why we love it (well, at least it’s not the only reason we love it). Upon closer inspection, this dress has an intricate yet subtle lace overlay that will bring all eyes closer; a flattering, but not very common, square neckline; and a mesh back detail that adds a modern and sporty detail unexpected in such a girly frock. We simply cannot say enough about this one!

Before we go into a full on ballad, we will leave you here with these tantalizing pieces, and we will see you soon in-store at 2086 Chestnut St. in the Marina. C’mon by, you always feel better after a little Retail Therapy!


RT Street Style

IMG_0350This street style diva has paired together some unexpected pieces for a funky yet put-together look. Her white blazer is the perfectly polished topper for her navy and white striped body-con dress, and her goldenrod scarf freshens things up with a bright pop of contrast. The two things that really spice this outfit up are what we first noticed: her necklace and her biker boots. Her necklace is a cleverly placed pin hanging on a silver wire to create an amazing statement necklace, and her biker boots are a tougher alternative to the more predictable nude heels that many others would’ve chosen, but this combo is just too fun. Read on to see what Natalie H. has to say about her elegant and edgy look!

NameNatalie H.

Profession: presently it’s  business owner, designer, model

Personal style mantra: It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Oh ya, and it’s all about the fit, fit, fit!

Favorite trend: Elegant Edge (Not sure if that’s a trend, but it’s the pond I’m swimming in for now.)

Trend you can’t wait to see disappear: I know jeans and running/tennis shoes are here to stay, but…

Clothing item or accessory you can’t live without: well fitted jacket, leather or otherwise

Fashion icon: Icon? Not sure these qualify, but there is something about Helmut Lang’s edgy elegance, Donna Karan’s draping, and Lanvin’s why-did-you-do-that choices that keep me smiley and intrigued

Thanks for mixing things up and for being such a good sport, Natalie! Ladies, stop on by the store (2086 Chestnut St.) or keep strutting your stuff on the streets of SF to be spotted and blogged!

Hop, Skip, Romp(er) and Jump(er)

Something about the San Francisco air makes us want to dress up in the most playful outfits we can find, and prance around in the sun. We can think of no better way to do so than in one of our array of rompers and jumpers, because there is no easier way to get out the door and into the sun that an outfit that is already put together- literally in one piece!

IMG_0866We admit it- sometimes we repeat outfits. It’s a rare occasion, and generally reserved for those outfits that are just too great to keep in hiding until the rotation starts again. For example: this Dorothy-esque romper that is just tres charmant. We won’t go on about how much we love gingham again (would you like to be reminded? But of course!). But now let us acknowledge how wonderful the style is. It is a one piece romper, obviously. But, it is cinched IMG_0793just at the right spot on one’s natural waistline, and has the lightest, silkiest fabric that flows ever so naturally around the hips and bust that it can make any gal feel and look like a million bucks. Oh, and it has pom-poms. Need we say more? Well, we can…

IMG_0844Moving on! This piece is a bit more serious, but still just as fun. I mean, just look at that smile on our personal shopper! She is quite obviously thrilled to be donning such a flattering and versatile item. We say versatile because- well, to state the obvious, yet again- it is grey. So, it can be worn with just about any other color. Also, it’s grey. That’s right- this color has dual versatility- it can also be worn with any accessories, simple or elaborate. We’ve paired it with an elegant, long chain druze necklace from London Manori. Ah, and let us point something else out- it’s grey. Yep, again. Because of the color and jersey material, it can be dressed up or down, with heels or sandals. It’s also cropped, cinched at the waist, extremely comfortable, and has a really beautiful back (you’ll have to come into the store to see that). So… we love it.

Next up we’re going full-on glamour. IMG_0852Yeah, this one isn’t a flexible as the others. She really wants you to take her out on a night on the town- big jewels, IMG_0795bubbly, and sky-high heels. Royal blue (no, we’re still not over this fabulous hue), plunging v-neck, and a scandalous hemline- this baby is ready to wow. Sometimes, when you do one thing so well, there’s no need to compromise, and this dressy romper is fashion-proof of just that.

Come on into the store and deck yourself out in one of these looks, or maybe try out some other the other rompers and jumpers we’ve got in store for you. And walk out dripping in new threads and gems from London Manori or some costume jewelry. Whatever your fancy might be, we’ve got just the thing to tickle it here at Retail Therapy- 2086 Chestnut St. in the Marina. Stop on in for some therapy.

Little Girl Blue

mary cassattSan Francisco has us feeling blue recently, but we can’t complain! The upcoming change in seasons brings with it many perks, but the one we’re most excited about here at Retail Therapy is the emergance of bright colors to reflect cheerier moods, better weather, and buds in bloom. The hue we’re most excited about is not for the faint of heart or color-phobes trying to ease into the pigmented world. Royal blue is for those ready to say goodbye to wintery black, grey and brown, and embrace the oceanic shade that is currently adorning our racks. Check out a few of the pieces that we’ve just gotten in, and then run, ride or roll into 2086 Chestnut to pick the baby blues up for yourself!

IMG_0793If you read our last post, you already know that we’re ga-ga for gingham right now. IMG_0790How can gingham possibly get any better, you ask? Don it in a royal blue with darling crochet details, of course! Oh, and it’s a romper. So, this is pretty much the perfect piece- a top and bottom all in one, and in the cutest print and color combo to boot! Of course, we’ve mixed it up a little bit with black moto-inspiired booties, and it’d look extra funky topped off with a moto-inspired leather jacket, as well. Or, go more classic and pair it with nude heels or sandals. This sweet little romper is fresh in, but it’ll be fresh out soon, so come get your hands on it!

IMG_0749Ok, so we’re gonna do a little throw back here. Remember our other post about mixing unexpected textures? This dress is just so lovely, we can’t help but include in this post, too. The pairing of crisp white and watercolor blues makes for a fresh take on a modern fabric and shape, and it looks perfect dressed up or down. This could also be fun paired with a pair of bright heels in a contrasting color, or some white pumps to really play up a fresh tan.

The dynamic duo we’re about to introduce is dedicated to the brave, those who are ready toIMG_0796 fully embrace blue and wear it from head to toe! First up, we’ve got another romper, but this one puts a sexier spin on the style with a plunging v-neck. This stunner is IMG_0803definitely made for a night on the town with some sky-high heels and statement jewelry (like the one we’ve shown here, for example). Next up we’ve got a more versatil piece that could go either dressy or casual. This drawstring dress is floy yet flattering, and has a subtle neckline and not-too-short hemline. Just like the romper though, this dress is meant to paired with some statement jewels, too.

Last but not least, we’ve included an accessory for those who want to try out this fabulous shade of blue, but can’t quite jump into a deep, blue pool all at once. Test the waters with a big, blue bag that comes in a chic, structured style that goes with anything from suit in a solid color, or paired with a dark floral, like we’ve done here. However you rock it, you’ll be doing the color of the moment proud with this beaut!IMG_0802

Like always, check us out on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we’re loving, and then hop on into the store to deck yourself out in this royal shade!

High Collars, Short Hems

“I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock’n’roll” was, of course, in reference to the wonder that is the shirt dress (right? Right). We here at Retail Therapy are just loving the weather recently that is allowing us to show off our gams in skirts and IMG_0754dresses, and we’ve just gotten an amazing shipment in of just that. But, more importantly (yes, this is important!) we got two absolutely darling shirt dresses that are just the right amount of cute balanced with a dose of sexy. Read on to see just what we’re talking about- and to see just how different two dresses of the same style really can be.

One word, two syllables: Gingham. Not only is it the big print trend of the Spring, it’s also a classic that goes hand in hand with warm weather, picnics, and nostalgia. But, black and white plaid in a buttoned-up, cinched shirt dress has a sort of bad-girl vibe when paired with red lips and leather moto-inspired booties, as we’ve shown here. Throw on a contrasting purse in a bright hue, et voila! You’ve got a cool look perfect for the many ‘hoods of San Francisco. And of course, nothing goes better with a conserative neckline than a not-so-conservative hemline! IMG_0744

What do you get when you pair a whimsical paisley print with a demure, buttoned-up collar? You get Spring’s most flattering and darling dress for the Spring. The unusual mix of colors in this dress make it perfect for just about any occasion- from traipsing around barefoot in the park on a sunny afternoon, or with a pair of stacked heels (as shown here) for a night out with the girls. You can wear it extra relaxed with the collar buttoned-down low, or button it up all the way for an edgier look with a top-knot and booties. The only thing that could make this dress any better would be a great tan to go with the flirty hem.

Hurry into 2086 Chestnut to grab these cuties before they fly off the shelves! @retailtherapysf

Surprise! Unexpected Texture Combos

IMG_0729We here at Retail Therapy are big fans of a good surprise, especially if it’s in the form of some good ol’ fashion fun. We’ve just recently gotten a ton of amazing, new pieces in-store, so we were inspired to try out some unexpected combinations of textures and silhouettes. Read on to see the two winners of this experiment.

Our first favorite is this black crochet pencil skirt paired with one of our retail therapist’s own oversized red turtleneck sweater. Normally, one would pair a pencil skirt with either a simple, IMG_0732fitted top or a billowy blouse tucked in, and while both of these classic looks are very sophisticated and pretty, they’re predictable. We love this unexpected mix of a casual, slouchy sweater with the structured, fitted style of the pencil skirt. Also, look at the close-up of those textures! The thick, fuzzy cable knit of the sweater creates a graphic contrast with the delicate floral crochet pattern. You’re sure to wow either at work or on date night with this outfit!

IMG_0727The next surprise we have for you is great because you can actually get two different looks out of it. This beautiful fishtail hem dress with its unique blue, floral, mirror print is amazing on its own, of course. But, we thought it’d be fun to mix the fit-and-flare shape with a more voluminous sweatshirt style topper. This fuzzy sweatshirt has cool zipper details, and it’s as soft as a new puppy, so what’s not to love? Throw it on top of theIMG_0722 dress and you’ve got a fun look that goes great with booties for an funky mix, or pair with some nude strappy heels for a classic touch. We’ve also decked out the look a little more with our long radiant raw stone necklace. Either as just a dress for a night out, or the whole look for a fun party look, you can’t go wrong with these pieces.

As always, stop into the store to see what else we’ve gotten in, or come pick up these exact looks with the help of our personal shoppers. And, check us out on Instagram (retailtherapysf), see what we’re pinning (retailtherapysf), and follow us on Twitter to get some fashion tips and just to see what we’re loving and lusting after!


Fashion Fun in Foggy Frisco

IMG_0603Living in San Francisco means putting outfits together in a very tempremental city. Where being a fashionista is completely underrated, not only do we forecast trends- we also forecast the weather daily, hourly, and from one neighborhood to the next. This means styling an outfit that is not only fashionable, but functional and being prepared for anything, anywhere. Read on for some tips to styling in SF, and stop into the store to shop the looks shown here!

IMG_0605Layer it all on. You can never have too many layers. Scarves are essential. Not only are they on trend, they really do keep you warm. A light weight woven jacket goes a long way. It will block the wind in ways your knitted sweater will never do, and it’s easy to carry or tie around your waist. We’ve thrown our Blank NYC military-inspired jacket on over one of our favorite Haute Hippie camisoles, and finished the look with a simple, black infinity scarf.

IMG_0604Learn to let go of having perfectly coifed hair. Flip it and let it blow in the wind every once in awhile. Now if you find yourself in one of those intense wind tunnels when the the fog rolls in, put your hair up quick in a bun. The sooner you get it up the better. Carry a small bottle of hair oil to combat the frizz. As you can see, a texturized mane works perfectly with the military-inspired trend.

Wear the right shoes. Don’t wear heels if you have to walk downhill (which as we all know, happens very IMG_0603often!). It is an impossible endeavor which will begin with you holding onto the side of a building and inevitably falling, or going the rest of the way barefoot- and let’s face it, neither of those scenarios is ideal. Mix up your prints and throw some leopard print Vans on with a stripe, floral, or in this case, a watercolor. But if you’re like Victoria Beckham and simply cannot think in flats, some heeled boots or booties; anything that wraps around the ankle; or that has a wedge will look chic and are safer and more comfortable for trekking up and downhill. Cool biker details always add some pizazz to an outfit, and chunky heels also help.

IMG_0607IMG_0613Last but not least (and perhaps the most San Francisco-centric styling tip there is)- always have some funky garments ready for those themed block parties (i.e Bay to Breakers, Pride, How Weird street fair, Pink Party…just to name a few.) San Francisco will find any and every excuse to play dress up. Pair a wild, printed top- like this awesome, open-backed top from our shop- with some black skinny jeans, or go all out with a full-on funky costume. Let’s be real- even if you try, it’s impossible to have the craziest outfit in San Francisco. So, throw caution to the wind, and go all out!